Yueda people always firmly believed that "Quality is the life, service is the soul." Product quality and service has been a gold medal Yueda insist benchmark principles. After exploration summary, Yueda Special Vehicle built its own unique "Five service system," so that all customers a partnership, a lifetime, the practical realization of the Yueda people safeguard interests of customers.         First, consulting services     Customer acceptance of consulting a variety of ways, build customer awareness of the product: provide information required characteristics of a variety of products, so that customers understand the product.         Second, the design service         Study of city size, to customers close of analysis: the design of municipal waste collection scheme, with matching products.         Third, the training service     Free for user training two or more operators, free user training maintenance personnel, until skilled up.     Four, three bags of service     Free for users to replace or repair due to vehicle quality guarantee occurred within a year, more than the guarantee period, the guarantee for the customer at cost price to replace or repair.     Five, 24 hours followed by service     Within 24 hours of receiving customer calls to ensure timely troubleshooting or for users to reply to ensure that the user is working properly. 24 Tel: + 860515-89882099  400-1068699     Customer satisfaction is the biggest goal of our work and the entire contents