2015 Jiangsu Yueda special car Co Ltd "technical service Wanlixing" activities   

    The "heart of the customer, Yueda special car service, technical service miles" campaign kicked off. The technical service Wan Li line group will be the main person in charge of the service department of the active group, high attention, careful deployment, the country more than 10 provinces across the country, which lasted for several months. The technical service promotion intends to will benefit the country hundreds of Yueda special car loyal customers, who buy Yueda card sanitation vehicle users can get a by Yueda special car Co., Ltd. professional after-sales service team of technicians for free vehicle examination and maintenance service, strive to with customers in the event to reach a consensus, prompted "Yueda" brand of sanitation special operations vehicles secondary sales generated and obtain users on Yueda brand praise and support.
Activity content
    1, the user vehicle and chassis device to carry out the necessary inspection and maintenance, so that the vehicle is in good condition, to ensure the safety of users. Can consider the implementation of two concessions: one is to check the regular items of free man hour fee; two is to replace or add to the vulnerability of the material costs forty percent off.
    2, to visit the customer unit were vehicle operation, maintenance training, with sales staff to customers of forum, issuing brochures and small souvenirs, increase the feelings of customers, promote sales for the second time.
Two, implementation
    In order to achieve the actual effect of the event, to truly provide customers with satisfactory service, I Division of the regional service personnel, contact the local users, with the completion of the activities of the task.
    Time: October 9, 2015 to January 24, 2016
    Schedule: 12475 km schedule: 108 days
    Line: Yancheng - Wuhan, Chenzhou, Dingbian, Zhangye, Ziyang, Taiyuan, Wudalianchi - Harbin - Suileng - Jilin Fushun - - Beijing - Tianjin Tangshan - Wendeng, Shaxian, Hangzhou, Wuhu - Fuyang - Yancheng.