Eight conscientiously study and implement the Sixth Plenary MUNICIPAL seize the opportunity to accelerate the development of the new one hundred billion target struggling to sprint   

betway必威_Loginbetway_LOGIN Yueda Group quickly communicated eight learning COMMITTEE Sixth Plenum       December 5 morning, held in salt Yueda Group leadership (video) an enlarged meeting to convey seriously study the Sixth MUNICIPAL eight plenary session, Party Secretary, Chairman of the Board Wang Lianchun presided over the meeting and delivered an important speech, he asked, Group up and down in accordance with the unified deployment of the municipal party committee to seriously study and deeply understand the Municipal Committee Plenum, combine Yueda actual, practical thinking and action with the central and provincial decision-making arrangements, efforts sprint new one hundred billion goal, and constantly create Yueda reform Development of a new situation.
      Wang Lianchun noted that studying and implementing the Municipal Committee Plenum, should be placed on five aspects: First, we must do a good job of studying and implementing. Across the Group to act quickly, so that the original convey, layers communicate, pay close attention to convey, to grasp the meaning and spirit of the meeting request, the party's eighth session of the Fifth Plenum, PROVINCIAL second session of the eleventh plenary session, Party Sixth of eight plenary and Yueda actual combine, update innovative ideas, raise development orientation, to enhance the quantity and quality of Qi, the new one hundred billion sprint ambitions. Second, we must strengthen the strategic plan. Group and affiliated companies should take COMMITTEE Plenary for the lead, innovative ideas, solid work, improve quality and efficiency, a solid grasp of next year and "Thirteen Five" development planning, the mission to the people, the pressure transmission in place, truly early arrangements, early action, early advance. Third, we must seize the opportunity policies. To quickly research "along the way", "China and South Korea Industrial Park", "Made in China 2025", "Internet +", "China-ROK FTA," Yancheng "iron age" and Yancheng, "515" personnel and other policies to promote Group sound and rapid development. Fourth, we must strengthen the style construction. To continuously enhance the work of the initiative, and actively improve work efficiency, to further promote the identity of file system, the competition system, full employment, performance pay system, dereliction of duty investigation system and other "system" to reform and activate the institutional mechanisms, efforts to boost mental state group from top to bottom. Meanwhile, the transition to a solid grasp of personnel, quality of cadres restructuring, team building transformation and style transformation. Fifth, we must pay close attention to the current work. To onslaught focus not relax, do everything possible to fulfill all the objectives and tasks; to earnestly carry out the production and operation, safety, risk prevention and other aspects of the work, to ensure overall stability.
      Wang Lianchun stressed COMMITTEE Plenary requested billions Yueda achieve new goals in the next five years, which is the municipal government to Yueda a glorious task. Group up and down to a strong sense of pride, a sense of responsibility and urgency, and strive to sprint annual goals and tasks, ensure that the "second five" successful ending; at the same time, the scientific planning for the future development, to ensure next year and "Thirteen Five" development from a good first step, a good start, strive for the early realization of the new one hundred billion goal.
      Shao Yong, the meeting, Vice-Chairman of the Group Board of Directors, President and conveyed the December 4 COMMITTEE Sixth Plenary Session of eight; AG Group and all members of the leadership, the Group subordinate units, foreign enterprises leadership team members participate by video meeting, AG Group and is mainly responsible for various departments and Headquarters Fu Keji staff who attended the meeting.